Do You Love Me?

Intern here again… and I have been fervently thinking of topics for this blog, but nothing really stuck out to me. Until I realized one of the most important things in life isn’t always on the forefront of most people’s minds, especially people with ungrateful and angry teenagers. I am by no means saying that you don’t love your teen but when was the last time you made a meaningful effort to express that love? I know that you do a lot for your kids and yes, I am one that still lives at home, and I occasionally get yelled at for being ungrateful and not doing enough around the house, but there are days that I wish my parents realized how much I do with school, work, and around my house. I want them to take a moment, look me in the eye and express their care for me. It’s not that you telling your children and doing what you do for them isn’t good enough, but it’s hard growing up in a could-care-less culture and our only true support team is you. We need you to take the time to show us you care in a meaningful way. You know your child the best, so gauge what you think would be a loving thing for you to do for them. I would recommend looking into a 5 love languages book to figure out what you think they would be interested in. One other thing I realized while writing this. We are kids! We might not know what it takes for us to express our love for you either. Maybe, instead of yelling at us (or putting pressure on us)about what we don’t do, you can express what doing a particular thing around the house would mean to you, or whatever you would like. Your child does want to please you, especially if they are beginning to understand how much you truly care!

~Contribution made by Amanda Matias


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