Do You See The Warning Signs?

When kids use drugs and alcohol their parents may not be able to tell at first, but the signs are all there:

1. Your teen may seem spaced out or like they are trying not to talk to his or her family members.

2. He or she may also seem like they are tired all of the time, and it will seem like all that they do is sleep.

3. They may seem less ambitious or seem like they do not care about their grades, relationships etc.

4.  If your teen seems to stay out for long periods of time,  when they come home, seem zoned out, or they go right to their room, then you know something’s up.

5. Your teens mood will alter and change almost like someone who is bipolar.

6. They may stop caring about their personal appearance or their personal hygiene.

7. They may get sudden acne on their face ,and if they have never had it before then you should probably look into it.

8.  If your child begins to eat very large quantities of food, almost like they are being glutenous, it may mean that they are high and have the “munchies”.

9. If your child seems withdrawn, or seems like they just want to stay in the house and not get out and get any fresh air, then this could mean that your child is using drugs.

These are just some of the characteristics of a teen that uses marijuana.  I know from experience because I am a former “pothead”.

Parents, when it comes to this especially, don’t stay out of your teens business.  They may not like you at first, but stay on them anyway, and in time, they will love you for it.  They may try to rebel but you have to put them in their place; that it was got me to change .  I was really spiraling out of control, using pot and cigarettes, but now I am on the right track and all it took was some tough love.

Student, age 17


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