That’s Just The Way They Are…

Oh my gosh!  If I hear, “Oh, you know, that’s just the way they are!” about teenagers one more time, chances are I’ll lose my mind!  I never hear that said when I’m talking about how I’ve known so many of them to give their time to work overseas to feed the hungry, or how they help children in after-school programs.  I don’t hear it when referring to how one teenager stood up for another teenager as they were getting bullied.  I only hear it in the context of bad moods, outbursts, eye-rolling, and attitude.  Why?

Who is the genious that stuck that label on this generation?  Is it the same genious who gave it to my generation and the generation of those before my time?  When, exactly, did the word “teenager” become a bad word?  If I feel this bad, how do you think they must feel?  You call something bad long enough and you get the results you were asking for.

The next time I hear, “…that’s just the way they are,” I hope it’s in reference to some amazing teenager doing something with their life, or extending a hand to the needy, or simply saying, “I love you” to their mom or dad- maybe even a brother or sister.  We shall see…


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