The View From The Other Side pt.2

Parents, please know that all the decisions you make effect how your child comes out from the way you talk to them and the way you listen. They need to know you love them, and love doesn’t just include putting clothes on their back and a roof over their head. I know!! I see how demanding parenting can be, but I heard it like this before: You need to rear your children not just raise them. Emotional stability, something I’m still working on, is a part of that.  Your teen needs you to listen, and to keep listening; this isn’t a one time sit-down session; it’s a work in progress and you may get eye rolling and attitude in the beginning, but this is something you want to continue to do, and not get angry if your teen closes you out, or totally spills their guts. To trust you they need to know you aren’t going to freak out and punish, punish, punish even though there may be consequences, but that you truly care. Your kids do want to know you care about their lives, validate their emotions, and trust their opinions. Loving and taking care or your children is a huge task, but you can do it!!

I’m taking those steps as a child in my relationship with my mother because I don’t want to be angry or resent her. I want her love and approval and I want a better relationship with her. Yes, at 22 I still act like a baby, but I am also making choices to take a step back, think about why I am reacting, and discuss it with my mom. In summary, don’t give up on your kids no matter how hard it is. They will thank you when they grow up!!

~ contribution by Amanda Matias


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