Are you willing?

I’d like to explore the idea that it’s ok to allow your teenagers to dictate to you how “it’s going to be.”

Times have changed.  Cost of living has gone up, electronics have become abundant, what’s allowed on regular television if much more graphic, movie ratings have lowered their standards making it that what was once rated “R” is now rated “PG”.

  So many things have changed.

I used to say that teens have changed and maybe that’s true to some degree.  However, I think it’s much more accurate to say that parenting styles have changed.  In my opinion, and don’t get angry, I feel parents have allowed their teens to become adults before their time.  It’s become less about parenting and more about being house buddies.  If this is the case, then OF COURSE teens have changed.

We, as parents, need to take responsibility for what part we play in the lives of our children.  I don’t mean to say that every mistake or attitude that comes from our kids is our fault.  I’m implying something greater:  I’m implying that our kids look to us for answers.  They may not ask the questions aloud, but they silently watch us to see what our next move will be.

For instance, if you tell you teen they can’t have their phone, is it true that all they have to do is throw a fit and you’ll give in?  Will you tell yourself that you’d rather deal with letting them off the hook then have to face their wrath? 

If you know your teen is smoking, is your answer, “Well, I can’t control them.”?

Your teen may seem peaceful for the moment if you allow this but I can promise you one thing, sticking your head in the sand only fuels something inside of them.  they secretly tell themselves, “I’m not worth the trouble.”

Be willing to stand firm for the sake of your teens.  Be willing to be the parent first and the friend second.  Be willing to do what’s right even if it hurts.  If you do, I guarantee you will offer your teens the answer they are looking for:  I AM WORTH IT!


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