Our Responsibilities…

What would you say are the top three responsibilities of a parent? 

I believe it’s: To help our children understand and then fulfill God’s purpose for their lives, to guide them in the way they should go and the importance of “staying the course”,   and finally to help them make good choices and comprehend the reason they must make those choices. Without good choices the previous two can get flushed down the toilet.

Of course, each of us can have a different top ten list and no matter what the list, this can be a tall order for us to fill right, especially since many of us struggle with these for our own lives. 

For the purpose of this blog, I’d like to quickly focus on the first responsibility listed.  I feel, and experience has taught me, that if we are successful in fulfilling this one, then the rest are more than likely to follow. 

Think about it: If a person believes they have a purpose in this life, and important role to play, then won’t they want to “stay the course” and make good choices?  Sure, we all, especially youth since this is all new to them, will fall and make mistakes but they mustn’t live in those mistakes or use them as excuses.

I urge you to please spend some time focusing on these responsibilities and do whatever it takes to help you children stay on the right path and live out their calling, even if that means having to make touch choices or having them mad at you~ their fury will only last a short while~ I promise.


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