Who is Ruling The Roost-You or Your Teen?

Does it seem like your teen is the one calling all the shots and you are the one stuck on the sidelines? Are you tempted to call in a referee or better yet get yourself a whistle? Then it sounds like your teen is the one in charge and not you. How do you take back the reigns and keep your teen from ruling the roost?


First: Sit down with your teen and tell them in a calm manner that things are going to be different in the home from now on. Be prepared to be met with some opposition, because honestly no one wants to give up the control.

Next: Lay out the new rules for the house, ask for their input and if they feel as if they can adhere to the rules. If not, ask what they can agree to and how the ones they cant can be adjusted so they can abide by them.

Then: STICK TO IT. Teens will not take you or your rules seriously if they are empty promises. Saying that there will be consequences for their actions but not following through sends them the message that they are still in fact, in charge.

So, take back the reigns, put yourself in charge, and be the parent.



-Kate MacHugh, Intern For Driven


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