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Internet Safe or Secretive?

Are you worried about what your kids are doing online? If you answered yes, then join the ranks of almost every parent raising a child after the new millennium. Kids are becoming so internet savvy that you may feel like you cannot control what they do online. This statement is so false! Most computers come with password capabilities,parental controls, and the good old standby of checking the history on the web browser. Granted, your teen will probably be angry with you for keeping tabs on their internet activities, but they will be safer in the long run. Below are some things to be on the lookout for and some web activities to discuss with your teen that may be harmful.

Things To Be Aware Of

-Your teen immediately clicks out of a window when you walk in the room

-Spends extended periods of time on the computer

-Changes in behavior/mood that are unlike your child

-Increased understanding/vocalization of/about sexual intercourse


Worrisome  Web Activities

ChatRoulette-a website where users are randomly assigned a partner to web chat with. There is no control over the webcams and anyone can do anything on the webcam, including nudity and sexual activities

ChatRooms-Pedophiles often meet their victims in chat rooms and pose as someone the victims age to lure them. The majority of internet induced abductions occur from the victim meeting the kidnapper in a chat room

CraigsList-although good for picking up free stuff or buying a used car, there are also some not so friendly uses. The erotic services section is an advertisement area for adults


What You Can Do

-Make a facebook/myspace and ask to be your child’s friend

-Request your teen’s password for facebook/myspace/aim

-Limit computer time to a certain period of time per day

-Place the computer in a place where you can monitor their activities